Fergburger review

When I told people I was going to Queenstown, one of the questions I was often asked was “Are you going to Fergburger?”. The other was “Are you going skiing?”.

This question would usually lead into me saying “I don’t know if I would want to wait 30 minutes for a burger.”

My expectations going in was that Fergburger was going to be an overpriced burger that I’d have to wait a long time for, but a decent burger.

But what I found was actually a very reasonably priced burger, and a remarkably efficient burger making work flow. Economists and business analysts would appreciate Fergburger just for this aspect.

My burger cost $12.50 and took about 10 minutes to get to me. That’s very reasonable time for a burger.

The burger itself, was good, but not the best burger in the whole wide world. I think the burger that I had at The Pegasus Arms in Christchurch a few days earlier was better. (It cost $19 and came with fries).

It had nice wide bread, and very nice bread. The burger filling wasn’t that tasty! I think it could have done with more/a tastier sauce.

I’d definitely eat there again, and I kind of wish I did when I had the opportunity again later. Unfortunately, they don’t have a good range of beer. No craft beers from what I remember. They do have beer though!

So yes, Fergburger. You shouldn’t go here because it’s an out of this world experience, but because they’re reliable and make a decent burger and a reasonable price. I still wouldn’t wait 30 minutes for one, unless I really didn’t have much else to do. The bakery next door does good pizza too.

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