Movie review: The perks of being a wallflower

This movie watches literally like it’s the fantasy of an angsty 16 year old boy.

Charlie is a socially awkward teenager entering highschool, who quickly finds himself in a social circle of artistic types who can appreciate him for who he is.

The movie contains such chestnuts as:

  • Charlie is a genius, but only his English teacher sees it.
  • The girl of his affection goes out with an archetypically douchebag guy.
  • When douchebag boyfriend doesn’t show up for a show, Charlie takes his place as a last minute replace and saves the day.
  • When their gay friend is being bullied, the awkward kid blacks out and fights off the attackers with super hero strength (which puts him in the good graces of his friends again).

All the characters in this move are very one dimensional. They’re archetypes, not genuine complex characters.

For that said, the movie also also touches on the theme of mental illness, and I thought that was well done.

It also touches on sexual abuse, though I felt this was a bit contrived and just there to give it some ‘edge’.

When I wrote this I gave this movie a 6/10. Six months on, I give the movie a 4/10.

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