Dining Review: The Office – Newtown, Wellington.

Summary: Nice spacious place, good to come for a casual meal and watch sport.

There were also onion rings, but I ate them before I got the photo. :D
There were also onion rings, but I ate them before I got the photo. 😀

It was partly by chance that I decided to eat here. I was heading into to town to watch the All Blacks vs Australia rugby game with people from ceroc. The bus stop showed the next bus was 14 minutes away – which was a far too long wait for me I decided, so I retreated back to The Office to have a beer, a burger, and watch the game there.

The Office has a decent range of beers on tap and in bottle. From memory, they have a Tuatara and Panhead on tap, and Emerson’s and others in bottles.

The Panhead Supercharger costs $8 for pint or $32 for a five pint jug – quite reasonable.

I ordered the chicken burger which cost $12.50.

The portion is quite small, but at $12.50 I’m not complaining. If you were dining with a friend I would suggest ordering a side dish to share as well. The burger was nice.

The burger took about fifteen minutes to arrive, which is good.

Overall – I recommend this place not for the food, but the atmosphere. The bar three levels, and large TVs all through out the area, which makes it great for watching the sport.  It’s the kind of place you can feel very relaxed in while enjoying beers and eating food.

Certainly – if you’re living near Newtown, and are looking for a place to watch the game – The Office would be it.




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