‘Are you on Snapchat?’ ‘Yeah I am’.

What’s up with this?

This happens quite frequently:

I’m talking to a girl for a bit on Tinder, it’s going pretty well. I ask if she’s on Snapchat, and she responds:

‘Yeah I am’.

Without giving me her her Snapchat username.

Why do people do this?!

It’s so obvious that it’s not useful. I wouldn’t ask unless I was interested in snapchatting with you, in which case, the I need to know your snapchat username in order to do so.

I understand that possibly you’re not comfortable with giving out snapchat username to every person you talk to on Tinder. But if that’s case, then you wouldn’t give me your username when I follow up with asking what your username is.

In my mind, she is intentionally dragging out on the conversation.

For me, I have two and a half possible responses:

  • I can do the obvious and says ‘WHAT’S YOUR USERNAME?’.
  • I can respond with something snarky like : ‘Oh what a coincidence! I am too!’.
  • I can just not respond.

I’m genuinely curious – anybody who uses Tinder, and responds this way when asked if they’re on Snapchat – why don’t you give your username when responding?  Are you intentionally dragging out the conversation?

4 thoughts on “‘Are you on Snapchat?’ ‘Yeah I am’.

    1. I like Snapchat as a chatting medium. Instead of _telling_ someone what you’re doing, you can _show_ them. And similarly, you can receive a snapshot of their life.


  1. I am not on Tinder. If I were, I would think:

    (1) Oh goodie, a dickpic guy…. swipe left

    (2) Oh one of the chat chat chat guys who is going to be on Snapchat and maybe all the media, but who is never going to want to see me face to face.

    Yeah, in that situation, I would give up. I like building relationships based on mutual respect. If I were using online methods of search, I would want to meet them asap, not mess around with social media.


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