Simple steps to a good life.

Do these simple things, at least once each day:

Some exercise. 

Exercise is paramount to wellbeing, so you should have a good exercise plan in place anyway. Under this regime, as well as doing your normal, more strenuous exercise regime, make sure you do some form of exercise each day. For example you might go to the gym three days a week, and on the other days, make sure you go for a walk, do some press ups, go dancing, or something of the like.

Something creative. 

Do some writing, create some social media, paint, make some music, dance, whatever, be creative and exercise your creative spirit.

Get some sun. 

Just a few minutes of intentionally standing in the sun, if you’re otherwise inside all day, helps ground you in reality.

Talk to someone. 

If you have a workplace talk to someone at work. This helps you be human.

Four simple things, do these things each day.

You can use an app like Todoist to help you set recurring tasks each day.


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