The time I had to kick people out of my house.

I thought I’d share this.

I was just out at a bar, where there’s pinball machines I play. I met some people there, an Irish girl, a Canadian guy, and kiwi girl, about my age (30yo).

The bar was winding down, and we were all walking home. My house is on the way, and so I invited them them up, to also grab my FIRE STAFF, which I’m really really good at.

So we go to my house, and we have some drinks and smoke and stuff and then I’m like, hey, I want to go play my firestaff and can you record me doing it?

And they’re like, NAH MAN, I DON’T THINK YOU SHOULD DO IT. It’s windy out there.

To be fair, it is pretty windy out there. – This comes in later in the story.

And I’m like WELL I’M GOING TO DO IT ANYWAY. And I grab the stuff I need, (including their lighter, which I needed to light it), and start walking outside to do it.

But then I’m like, well, these guys can’t stay in my house, so you guys have to get out, and we’ll close the door behind us.

And they’re like, alright, we’re leaving, and I’m like well but you should watch me do this, I’m really good at it. I’m also like DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU HAVE INSULTED ME? I was acting pretty crazy I guess.

I am really good at it. I learned fire staff about ten years ago, fire staff is like riding a bike, you just don’t really forget it.

So they’re like ‘we’re not sticking around’ and  are walking off. It’s really windy, and the staff is hard to light. I do get it to light, and I have play and it goes really well. I do throws and everything. I didn’t drop it once? I don’t remember.

My flatmates saw it, and then it ended and the fire went out, and my flatmates were there and I ranted to them about it.

This is were it get’s it gets kinda interesting.

I gave them my business card for my Facebook page Humans of Newtown.  I have ~1600 followers there, and I could have a big rant about it.

They’re still really interesting, photogenic people! Especially the Irish girl, who purports that the dots on her cheeks are tattooed on.

I can see how a situation can kind of escalate, especially in the presence of like alcohol and stuff.

But like, I’m clearly in the right here. It was ridiculous of them to say, ‘no you shouldn’t do that’, and politeness would dictate, that if you host wants to put a show on for you, then you would politely watch.

I get that fire can scare people too, but this guy said he’s worked in security, surely he would feel capable of intervening the case that I did actually start catching things on fire.

I get also that I kinda was acting crazy. Possibly I could have talked to the people more and explained the situation before going to grabbing my stuff. They weren’t going to talk me out of it, and the situation was never unsafe. , but the guy was being pretty adamant about him not approving of it. I asked twice for him to film it, and he was like ‘No I’m not going to film it’, and he didn’t have any other objection than that he didn’t want me to play with the staff.

Anyway – I’m thinking about ranting about on Humans of Newtown . What do you think, good idea? I’m definitely going to share this on my personal facebook page.

[Meta note: I originally wrote this piece about 30 minutes after this event happened. I posted it to an ADHD group I belong to. I was considering posting something to a Facebook page I run called ‘Humans of Newtown’. There are a few edits I’ve since added.].


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