A website I made when I was 14-ish.

Flaming text – a sure sign of the era. I had created this using some free image/fancy text creation/manipulation software.

Warning: Contains raw teenage angst.


I made this website when I was about 14, from memory. The last update shows May 11, 2001 – I would have been 15 then.

This is pre-facebook, pre-myspace days, the cool thing to do was create free websites, hosted on sites like Angelfire or Geocities.

I’ve long since lost the original username and password for the website. It’s an amusing artefact that the webhosts are still hosting the page.

The pages were written entirely in HTML. No CSS files, no Javascript, and no using a WYSIWYG editor.

What I think is especially relevant about this website, and I’ve mentioned before on this blog, is the self-criticism entailed when deciding to blog. I wrote:

Another thing I find paralysing when it comes to writing, is the potential social cost of writing. I wrote a little about this here. Just like when a teenager expresses their edgy ideas, thinking they’re original only to be embarrassed by them ten years later (I made such a website by the way), there’s the fear that anything I’m writing now, I’m going to be embarrassed by in the future.

But looking at this old website… I’m glad it exists. Sure, teenage angst may not be particularly original or profound, but creative expression is creative expression.

The website shows remarkable technical ability, for a self-taught young person of the time.

There are other amusing notes to glean from the site. For example on the page Terms and Conditions point number 8 says:

> 8. David Johnston may not be given the label of ‘Trying to cool’ for having offensive material on Scorchworld.8k.com. (like swearing)

Amusing because I seem to remember receiving an email from one of my older sisters saying ‘I was trying to be cool’ with certain things I’d written there. I’d either anticipated that, or I’d added this clause in response to the email. I don’t think I can dig up that email though.

2 thoughts on “A website I made when I was 14-ish.

  1. I like what you guys are usually up too. Such clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve added you guys to my blogroll.


  2. I feel your pain.

    I had a few such sites, but feel a little relieved that they are now only findable via the Wayback Machine. The Geocities one was funny…

    I also had a bit of a fight to get an old, embarassing LiveJournal shut down, when I no longer have access to the email I used. That just inspired cringes.

    One last relic of past writing cropped up in a previous job. I am a teacher and one of my early jobs saw me go back to the school I taught at. One afternoon, I was summoned to the English department. I thought nothijg of it, assuming I’d be offering advice on an autistic child or some behaviour, or something similar.


    I walked into the room and was handed a folder of my juvenile poetry from when I studied Advanced Higher English. The teacher had been cleaning out the filing cabinet and found it.

    It was terrible. Of course it was, it poetry written by a sheltered suburban geek who just wanted to get enough on the page to pass, so that he could go back to playing Ragnarok Online.

    Well, it was mostly terrible; there was one good item in there, and that did cheer me up!


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