Independence Day: Resurgence – A worthy sequel.

Spoiler Scope: This review talks about the themes of the movie, without giving any major plot points away.


Plot Summary: Twenty years after the original Independence Day, humans have adopted the  alien technology for their own purposes, and have built impressive defenses including a moon base. This is to no avail, the aliens come back bigger and more dangerous than ever.

I have a good strategy for New Years resolutions. All resolutions I set, are such that I can do them once, and tick them off. That is – I don’t make resolutions to quit smoking, or to go for a run every week. These run the risk of losing motivation, if one isn’t able to keep up with the resolution.

Watching this movie was one of my New Years resolutions, and I’m sorry to say that I didn’t get to watch it in the cinema. The movie apparently didn’t do particularly well, and it seemed it was gone after two weeks.

However I did watch it in bed, at about 1am on a Saturday night.

For all the negative reviews this movie got (32% on Rotten Tomatoes), I thought this was a good movie.

The bits I would criticise, would be the campy performances by the younger actors, the cliched romance between a couple of the fighter pilots, and general movie cliches and tropes abound, that generally took me out the moment.

But one doesn’t watch a movie like Independence Day for an original and thought provoking plot. One watches it for an impressive and spectacular depiction of an alien invasion.

And that – the movie did do well.

From depictions of alien-human hybrid weaponry, experiencing space debris impacting a craft’s shields, to seeing the deaths of aliens – it was a visceral and well played experience.

Sure, the movie was cheesy, though in fairness, so was the original, and for that it can’t really warrant a 9/10 or more.

But I would venture that this movie sets the standard for depictions of aliens and sci-fi for this decade. I can’t think of any movies that have done it better.

Bottom line: I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this movie. I found it intense and engaging.




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