A quick thought about punching nazis.

On With the emboldening of the white supremacy and the alt-right, there is growing discourse about whether it’s ok to confront nazis with violence. For example, take a look at this segment on Bill Maher’s show.

The alt right use nazi punching episodes as evidence that liberals are the real fascists.

To weigh in with my own opinion:

What concerns me about pro-nazi punching sentiment – is the potential for it to turn into an uncontrollable mob frenzy. For example there’s the example of the wrongly targeted doxxing victim following Charlottesville, or the shooting of Republican senators at a baseball game.

On the other hand, I’m perplex and how Germany allowed the Nazis to rise to power, after the failed beer hall putsch that killed four police officers.

Here’s an example of a nazi punching episode:

Now being honest, I’m not particularly sympathetic to Richard Spencer, and I can’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction at witnessing this attack, regardless of whether it fits with my more rational thoughts about the matter.

But for those who suggest that this is completely unwarranted and unforgivable – here’s a counterpoint:

Here is a video of Buzz Aldrin punching a man who believes he didn’t walk on the moon:


There are of course some notable differences. Buzz Aldrin is an old man. Buzz wasn’t going out of his way to punch someone, he was punching someone who was already in his face.

It does pose an interesting moral conundrum though. Is there some point at which we’ll let a punch slide? Just where is it?


10 thoughts on “A quick thought about punching nazis.

    1. Really?

      • A person is running at you with a knife. Would it not be ok to hit him with a chair?
      • It’s a post-apocalyptic future – a gang of murder-rapists is roaming around. You have a gun. Is it ok to murder them?
      • A fascist government is rounding people up to take them to death camps. Is it not ok to shoot fight them off when they come for you?
      • Your friend is being attacked by some muggers. Are you allowed to hit the muggers to scare them off?


    2. Sure – if we say that violence is ok in self defense, and the defense of others – then we have to start questioning what constitutes defense? Is it only immediate physical harm? Would it be ok to manhandle someone who was about to drive drunk?

      In any case, it’s not as simple as ‘No violence can be condoned under any circumstances. Period.’.


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