I painted these paintings. Here’s my favourites.

Here’s a link to my old painting blog. 

There’s several paintings there, here are some of my favourites.

“Mr Skullhead’s Mistake.” 

Mr Skullhead’s Mistake  – The painting is a joke. Mr Skullhead is a monster. Being a monster, he can’t help but commit atrocities. But he didn’t really mean to do that. Whoops! He’s meant to be a likeable character, a likeable monster.

“Mr Skullhead is depressed.”

Mr Skullhead is depressed – Another in the Mr Skullhead series. Here, Mr Skullhead is depicted sitting in bed crying, as he eats the heads off a bucket of babies, and discarding their bodies in the corner. This is the monster equivalent  of perhaps humans sitting in bed eating ice cream and binge watching TV shows.

I’d labelled this as “‘Oh noes! What have I done?'”, but if I were to label it now, I’d call it “The Scream.”.

It’s very A Clockwork Orange-esque. The theme is about the over consumption of media.


JISAWG – I used to graffiti. This is a pencil on paper drawing. It got a bit squashed into that corner. It says ‘JiSAWG’, see if you can make it out. That little box thing in the top left quadrant is the dot of the eye.

This is a drawing I did on paper, the paintings I did on walls were never this good.


A pencil on paper of my “spots” tag.


I got in too much trouble with the law to continue doing graffiti, so got more into painting on canvas. This is quite graffiti inspired background, without the graffiti text.

Apparently this one is called “Dream”.

This is a disappointing resolution on the photo. I like the original painting. It’s about a metre wide. I left this painting with my little brother’s friends. It was a gift, I had no way to hold on to it. I wonder where it got to? I got quite into this kind of 3D kind of painting, and this is probably my favourite of them.

“Super Intense.”

This one has more going on with it. This one is like like looking into the corner of a box.

It’s a bit weird publishing the link to my painting blog, because I was subject to some internet bullying on an old forum about it, among other things.  I don’t really want those guys coming back and making shit about this blog.

A website I made when I was 14-ish.

Flaming text – a sure sign of the era. I had created this using some free image/fancy text creation/manipulation software.

Warning: Contains raw teenage angst.


I made this website when I was about 14, from memory. The last update shows May 11, 2001 – I would have been 15 then.

This is pre-facebook, pre-myspace days, the cool thing to do was create free websites, hosted on sites like Angelfire or Geocities.

I’ve long since lost the original username and password for the website. It’s an amusing artefact that the webhosts are still hosting the page.

The pages were written entirely in HTML. No CSS files, no Javascript, and no using a WYSIWYG editor.

What I think is especially relevant about this website, and I’ve mentioned before on this blog, is the self-criticism entailed when deciding to blog. I wrote:

Another thing I find paralysing when it comes to writing, is the potential social cost of writing. I wrote a little about this here. Just like when a teenager expresses their edgy ideas, thinking they’re original only to be embarrassed by them ten years later (I made such a website by the way), there’s the fear that anything I’m writing now, I’m going to be embarrassed by in the future.

But looking at this old website… I’m glad it exists. Sure, teenage angst may not be particularly original or profound, but creative expression is creative expression.

The website shows remarkable technical ability, for a self-taught young person of the time.

There are other amusing notes to glean from the site. For example on the page Terms and Conditions point number 8 says:

> 8. David Johnston may not be given the label of ‘Trying to cool’ for having offensive material on Scorchworld.8k.com. (like swearing)

Amusing because I seem to remember receiving an email from one of my older sisters saying ‘I was trying to be cool’ with certain things I’d written there. I’d either anticipated that, or I’d added this clause in response to the email. I don’t think I can dig up that email though.