I painted these paintings. Here’s my favourites.

Here’s a link to my old painting blog. 

There’s several paintings there, here are some of my favourites.

“Mr Skullhead’s Mistake.” 

Mr Skullhead’s Mistake  – The painting is a joke. Mr Skullhead is a monster. Being a monster, he can’t help but commit atrocities. But he didn’t really mean to do that. Whoops! He’s meant to be a likeable character, a likeable monster.

“Mr Skullhead is depressed.”

Mr Skullhead is depressed – Another in the Mr Skullhead series. Here, Mr Skullhead is depicted sitting in bed crying, as he eats the heads off a bucket of babies, and discarding their bodies in the corner. This is the monster equivalent  of perhaps humans sitting in bed eating ice cream and binge watching TV shows.

I’d labelled this as “‘Oh noes! What have I done?'”, but if I were to label it now, I’d call it “The Scream.”.

It’s very A Clockwork Orange-esque. The theme is about the over consumption of media.


JISAWG – I used to graffiti. This is a pencil on paper drawing. It got a bit squashed into that corner. It says ‘JiSAWG’, see if you can make it out. That little box thing in the top left quadrant is the dot of the eye.

This is a drawing I did on paper, the paintings I did on walls were never this good.


A pencil on paper of my “spots” tag.


I got in too much trouble with the law to continue doing graffiti, so got more into painting on canvas. This is quite graffiti inspired background, without the graffiti text.

Apparently this one is called “Dream”.

This is a disappointing resolution on the photo. I like the original painting. It’s about a metre wide. I left this painting with my little brother’s friends. It was a gift, I had no way to hold on to it. I wonder where it got to? I got quite into this kind of 3D kind of painting, and this is probably my favourite of them.

“Super Intense.”

This one has more going on with it. This one is like like looking into the corner of a box.

It’s a bit weird publishing the link to my painting blog, because I was subject to some internet bullying on an old forum about it, among other things.  I don’t really want those guys coming back and making shit about this blog.

Simple steps to a good life.

Do these simple things, at least once each day:

Some exercise. 

Exercise is paramount to wellbeing, so you should have a good exercise plan in place anyway. Under this regime, as well as doing your normal, more strenuous exercise regime, make sure you do some form of exercise each day. For example you might go to the gym three days a week, and on the other days, make sure you go for a walk, do some press ups, go dancing, or something of the like.

Something creative. 

Do some writing, create some social media, paint, make some music, dance, whatever, be creative and exercise your creative spirit.

Get some sun. 

Just a few minutes of intentionally standing in the sun, if you’re otherwise inside all day, helps ground you in reality.

Talk to someone. 

If you have a workplace talk to someone at work. This helps you be human.

Four simple things, do these things each day.

You can use an app like Todoist to help you set recurring tasks each day.