I submitted a Privacy Act Request to the New Zealand police. Here’s what I got: (my mugshots).

In New Zealand, The Privacy Act entitles any individual to request any personal information an organisation (private or otherwise) has about that person, and to then make corrections to that information. You can see more information about the privacy act here. 

I made a request to the New Zealand Police for my personal information. For context I have a somewhat extensive history with the police, from a period in my life when I did graffiti and was caught several times doing it.

They did call me back to inform me that they were having trouble retrieving some of the information – I think it’s because some of my arrests/information were prior to an improved digitalisation of police records. I told them that was fine, and to send what they could get.

They sent me a PDF containing:

  • A history of pretty much every address I’ve lived at. I counted 28 – but several of those are duplicates.
  • A bunch of mugshots.
  • A very messily hand written police notebook, from when my bike got stolen.

So without further adieu: four years of mugshots from my graffiti days:

Screenshot from 2018-05-05 18-03-57

Screenshot from 2018-05-05 18-04-14
I’m not sure what’s going on with this last photo. I can’t even think what the 2005 arrest is from. From what I can remember – I didn’t start getting arrested until 2006.

😅 😓