Dining Review: Five Stags – Wellington.

Summary: The food is decent – though you pay for it. Food took too long to arrive. Dine here if you don’t have anywhere to be afterwards.

5 stags cropped

I came here on a Treat Me voucher – two movie tickets, and $20 of food at Five Stags for $25. A couple of caveats to be aware of:

  •  I had bought two of these vouchers, but I couldn’t use both vouchers to pay for the meal for both mine and my date’s meals as the small print says only one voucher can be used for two people. This means I still have a $20 voucher to use here.
  • Also – only 25% of the voucher can be used to pay for alcohol.

The beer selection isn’t excellent. They have Mac’s on tap – including the Mac’s Green Beret, and Mac’s Three Wolves – though the Three Wolves was tapped out at the time. I’m glad the the macrobrewers like Mac’s, Monteith’s and Speight’s have been getting on craft beer trend – it does mean that a halfway decent beer is more likely available when visiting more beer conservative pubs.

I’d come here on a date – we were eating here before going to a movie afterwards. We arrived at about 5:20pm, and our movie started at 6:30pm.

We placed our order at 5:30pm, I ordered the chicken, and my date ordered a burger. The meals arrived at 6:05pm. This did put a bit of a tension on the date, and meant we couldn’t really relax eating our meals as we didn’t want to miss the movie. In my opinion, thirty minutes for a meal to arrive is too long.

It’s possible that the meal took longer because I’d ordered the chicken, so that’s something to consider for future dining experiences – if you have somewhere to be afterwards – don’t order something that requires cooking in an oven.

The meal itself was simple, but yum. Lovely crispy potatoes, and yummy salad. Decent portion size. Price was $22 which is pretty standard, but there are cheaper places to dine.