want to give me a gift?

Page last updated: 09/02/2017.

Feel like giving me a gift? Here’s what I like.

Board Games

  • Game of Thrones – Dance With Dragons Expansion
  • Love Letter – Batman Edition
  • Agricola Farmers of The Moor expansion
  • 7 Wonders – All expansions.
  • Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Billionaire.
  • Coloretto


I’m a size XL t-shirt.

I like t-shirts and hoodies.

At the moment I need more nice hoodies than t-shirts.

I like clever designs, or designs with things I like.


  • Game of Thrones, Mr Robot.
  • Obama, Helen Clark.
  • Technologies I use – Angular, jQuery, GitHub, Python, Nodejs, React.
  • Web comics I like, CommitStrip.
  • Sweet animal tshirts, in particular I want: Sloth, Chimp, Giraffe, Hippo, Goat, Pig.


  • Merino socks
  • Nice cotton boxer brief underwear

I need new shoes. I’m a size 12.5/ Euro 47

  • Some casual sneakers
  • Running shoes.


  • Aftershave balm/cream.
  • Cologne.
  • Moisturisers.


I like pop-science and auto-biographies by inspiring people.

Also I specifically like:

Other Merchandise

Any of the following for brands/things I like:

  • Stickers
  • Clothing patches


  • A bluetooth stereo. Specifically the Juice Bar looks good.
  • A fitbit. A top of the line one that includes heart rate monitor.
  • Powerpack for recharging phone.
  • A bluetooth keyboard. See details here.
  • A decent camera.
  • A label printer. Specifically this one. 
  • Kindle.
  • A new phone. Sony Xpera XZ.


  • A decent day pack. Especially one that can fit board games!

Easy Consumables

  • A massage voucher
  • Manicure/pedicure voucher
  • Gourmet chocolates.
  • Meal vouchers.